It’s a story of a composer ready to do the craziest things just to see a smile on his sweetheart’s face. Video “Melting” by Nico Cartosio was appreciated by music connoisseurs all over the world. “Melting” is a track from the same name debut album of a modern composer Nico Cartiosio, which is going to be released on the 17th of April, 2019. The video on this tender composition was shot in Rome, the world’s most romantic city. It’s a story about an ordinary composer who made a crazy move to make his beloved lady happy in one early morning. To do that he pushed this old piano down the stone-block streets of night Rome and gave a performance under his girlfriend’s windows. The back story of this composition is worth telling. So, Cartosio tells: “A few years ago, in early spring I met a girl in Rome, beautiful as sunlight. We drank coffee, talked and walked along the streets. Until we suddenly found ourselves in the famous Pantheon. Last spring snow was swirling in the rays of sunlight. The Roman girl looked at me, smiled and…turned into a melody. I saved this melody and now I’m sharing it with you. At that moment I understood how it feels like to be melting”. In just three weeks more than 5.3 million people watched the video. Music fans from all over the world shared this video on their social net accounts, on music forums and blogs. Guys would say that by his video Cartosio has set an impossible level for romantic things. Girls would complain about the lack of romantic boyfriends in the modern world, ready to take risks for their ladies. Oh, and there was quite a funny story. During the filming there was a torrential rain in the capital of Italy. The film crew was taken off-guard, but the shooting went on. They had to blow-dry the piano all the time and warm up soaked actors with hot coffee. Cartiosio was all philosophical about this inconvenience: “It’s the God’s way to show us the real Melting” “Melting” has a special place in Cartosio’s forthcoming album. It’s no accident that the debut disc bears the same name. In his debut album Nico tells us a story about a journey to his cold hells. As Tibetans believe there are eight cold hells where souls of sinners freeze after death. Each of 8 tracks shows one stage which a human’s soul goes through. “Melting” album is a song of a hope to be reborn through love and beauty. Music experts call this album the main music event of this spring in advance. And they have their reasons to do that: the album was recorded on the legendary Abbey Road studio, where The Beatles, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse and many other famous musicians created their works. His tracks were recorded in cooperation with the best musicians of a symphonic orchestra from London, whose music you have definitely heard in the world blockbusters such as “The pirates of the Caribbean”, “Harry Potter”, “The Batman”, “Doctor Strange” and others. You can check out this spring’s warmest composition by yourselves: Pre-order is already available now in three formats: digital, CD or vinyl!
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